Friday, August 24, 2007

Sorry about the break

I'm sorry I haven't been posting recently. I've been away in northern CA with the family. We went to Santa Cruz which was amazing! It was all hippie incense shops and thrift stores! We also went to Monterey and Morro Bay [which has an excellent health food store called "Sunshine Health Foods"! Yum!]. I promise to write more blogs but school is starting soon and work has been very hectic. But, I've already planned out my first day outfit :]. We have to wear polos, to I plan on wearing a dark gray one with:

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Black skinny jeans by an unknown brand named "Gather". I actually found them at this little place by my work called "Fashion Q" for $21! And seriously, they fit me better than any other jean I've bought.

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Plain white tee underneath my polo, similar to this one by Urban Outfitters.

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Black vest over my polo unbuttoned [the one I got is also from "Fashion Q" $9!]. This one is from UO again.

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Minnetonka Moccasin Booties from UO with jeans tucked into them. Irina has also been seen wearing the same ones [inspiration? yes!]

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Similar to The Blues Brothers. Hahaha ;]

So, do you think its a good outfit. Too much? Not enough? Feedback :]

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Dangerous Angels

So, not so long ago in 8th grade, I picked up a little book called "Dangerous Angels" by Francesca Lia Block. The cover was a beautiful picture of a girl-faerie angel thing, and I think that's what did it for me. See, I was this little hippie girl, I constantly listened to The Stones and Fleetwood Mac, so anything to do with faeries or angels, I was pretty much down for. I read the whole book in a couple of hours and it seriously changed my life. I viewed people so differently. I viewed life as this complex, ever-changing machine, and it excited me so much. So, after you read "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" this summer, be sure to get "Dangerous Angels", which hopefully you'll love as much as I did.

The book is actually a compilation of five of her other books, so I'll give a short summery of each.

Weetzie Bat: Introduces Weetzie and Dirk, in which Dirk has a secret of being gay. They go "duck hunting", searching for guys, and all of a sudden Dirk's grandma Fifi dies, and leaves Weetzie a magic lamp. Weetzie wishes for a "duck" (as in a guy) for Dirk, a "Secret Agent Lover Man" for her, and a house they could all live in. Did her wishes come true? I guess you'll just have to read weetzie Bat (haha I should become a book reviewer).

Witch Baby: Witch Baby is very different from her half-sister Cherokee. She cuts out depressing newspaper clippings and pastes them on her wall, and wears roller-skate cowboy boots. She goes in search to find her real mom, and along the way, finds out that her real family was there all along.

Cherokee Bat and the Goat Guys: Cherokee (Witch Baby's sister) forms a band with Angel Juan, and her best friend Raphael. She then has a relationship with Raphael right as they start to get famous, and when they get out of control, she realizes they need the help of their friend Coyote. Can Coyote help them?

Missing Angel Juan: Witch Baby and Angel Juan are in love, but Angel Juan moves to New York. She goes to New York to find him, and along the way she meets a ghost named Charlie Bat, and he helps her find herself.

Baby Be-Bop: (my favorite story) Dirk grows up in his grandma Fifi's cottage after his parents die. He meets a boy named Pup, and he knows he likes Pup more than just a friend. After him and Pup lose their friendship, and Dirk finds himself engrossed in music. Along the way he meets his parents and great-grandmother, and they all tell stories of loss and love, making Dirk stronger.

Whew. That took me a while haha.

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Get this book! :]

Monday, July 30, 2007

4-in-1 Eyeshadow

I recently had bought Maybelline New York "Time for Wine" eyeshadow quad. I had read that the makeup artists at Vogue had used it on the cover for Winona Ryder and I had to get it. Its probably the best eyeshadow I've bought! The lid shadow is very matte, but when you layer the brow bone over it, the shimmer isn't an overkill. The outer corner shadow is a perfect shade of brown. I wing it out on my outer corners like it says, but i also dust it lightly under my eyes for a grungy look. Finish off with mascara and your ready to go!

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[this isn't "Time for Wine"]

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Libertine for Target

So I went to Target last night because I needed new shampoo and makeup. I casually walked over to their clothes section, and saw that they had the Libertine line out! First off, I must say that this line is my favorite that they've had so far. But some of their pieces, I must admit, were totally ugly. I thought the shorts with the whales and skulls looked cheap. I'm sorry if you had liked them but they were defenently not my favorite. I had tried on this tunic-ish top that kind-of looked like an old man dress shirt, thinking it like chic with leggings and colorful flats, but alas it felt, and looked like, a hospital gown :[. I was disappointed. But then my eyes fell upon this top:

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[The picture looks different then what was at my Target. The middle rose was actually made of thread, and was the color of the shirt, but a few shades darker,] I had fell in love with the color! It was simple and elegant. I bought the last one in a XS, and planned to wear it with:

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black leggings or pants, as Hilary Duff shows

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gold gladiator sandals


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skinny yellow or black belt.

Ahh the joys of Target!

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Today I am going to get my bangs cut. I've been sporting the side-swept bangs for quite a while, and I think that it is time for something new. Am I tired of seeing side-swept bangs? Very much so. They are almost as bad as sneaker flats (yes, I cannot STAND them) and flip flops (a great reminder of high school fashion).

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I am planning to get ones like the beautiful Irina Lazareanu! Perfect length and thickness. Wish me luck!

Friday, July 20, 2007

So here's an old video from Nylon.


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Tell me what you think of it. I personally didn't like it. I think, since born and raised in LA, I see it differently then the people in the video did. I personally don't like Rooney, so seeing them in the vid didn't do much for me. Lavender Diamond was kind of weird, so I didn't really like watching her. Cory Kennedy was as she usually was, and Cisco Adler does nothing for me. None of them represented LA and what we stand for. There's so much more in the music scene than what they mentioned, and there's so much more fashion and cool-hip stores if you just open your eyes more!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

My First Job

I recently got a job at the movie theater by my house, and I start tomorrow. Oh the joys of popcorn and cheap, over produced Hollywood bullshit!